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Parkinson’s Disease – It’s just all in your head

The Parkinson’s Australia National Conference is being held in July 2012 in Brisbane.  I will be speaking at the conference on Saturday 14 July on why I think self awareness is critical in managing your disease.  This is the Abstract of my presentation Parkinson’s Disease – It’s just all in your head.

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  1. ricpacifica says:

    Great Job with the blog Andrew. As I have told you before, you not only “Talk the talk” but you “Walk the walk” as you demonstrated last summer by skillfully tractoring and backing a fishing boat over a narrow road (which I was unable to do at that time!) as well other normal things you accomplish and do without any complaint! You certainly care and think about others much more than yourself! First time I met you I did forgot you had Parkinson’s until I saw your cane. You are an inspiration to many others who have your disease. Much success to you!

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Parkinson's New Zealand has an amazing Field Officer service which provides education, information and helps people make informed decisions about living with Parkinson’s. I am proud to support their work.

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