Yesterday was a good day

Good Friday rolled round and we decided not to go away for Easter break. Which turned out to be a good move as the traffic yesterday was not great apparently, though it seems we missed dolphins playing in the Bay up at my mum’s beach house.

So yesterday I finished painting the kids playhouse with Lynn, with of course 2 other small helpers, who weren’t much help but who had fun. Then we took a trip to McDonald’s for lunch and then later some more staining of our outdoor seating. Later I threw a rugby ball around with Noah, kicked a soccer ball about with Isla, then brushed Cleo, our cute but messy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Later, Lynn and I watched a movie and shared a bottle of wine. All in all a fairly normal day. But the point is it wasn’t normal for me because up until my recent surgery, doing much of anything like that was pretty much impossible. I may have been able to do a small bit of painting and brushed the dog but not much else. Throwing a ball around would have been way too much, even sitting on the couch without shaking the house down an unlikely possibility.

In my opinion, days like yesterday, which most would take for granted or even begrudge, are the reason why I put my family and myself through the drama of having brain surgery. Because yesterday was a great day and I will be able to enjoy many more of these days as a result. 

Operation “Get My Life Back” is continuing to be a success, and I am so grateful to all those people who aided in my surgery and recovery, because they have given me back the chance to enjoy the day to day little things. Which when you think about it are the most important things.


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  1. Joe mcdavitt says:

    Sounds like a great day mate. Thoughts are with you every day

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