The one skill I want my doctor to have above any other

(c) 	Claire Fackler, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

The thing about a chronic illness is this. More often than not, once you reach a certain stage of disease, it becomes all about self management. Following Deep Brain Stimulation surgery and the early relatively frequent tweaks to the system to achieve optimal treatment, I am now on a 5-6 monthly rotation to see the […]


So it’s been a long while since I posted anything to this blog. And I am sorry about that. MUST. TRY. HARDER. Part of the reason for having not said anything was depression. That insidious old dog was all around and it took a while to chase the old bugger off. Another part of the […]

I guess that’s why they call it the blues

First may I apologise for my tardiness in following up my last post. To be honest I wasn’t quite sure how to top that video, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I never expected to get the kind of response I did when I posted it and I certainly never expected it […]


Hi, we are trying to raise funds for Andy and Kate to attend the World Parkinson’s Congress in Montreal in October. Andy’s video Smaller was entered into the video competition and has made the top 12. Parkinson’s NZ and Andy’s sister Lou have set up a page to raise funds to help get them to […]

The effects of DBS on the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

I made this video today as I was curious about what would happen when I turned my neuro-stimulator off.  I am flying to Sydney tomorrow for a conference and didn’t want to be blind-sided if the screening device turned my DBS implant off (which has been known to happen). I hadn’t turned it  off before, […]

Smaller- A Poem by Andy McDowell

This is a beautiful poem written by my good friend Andy, to explain his Parkinson’s Disease to his children. It is read by his daughter Lily.  The only positive thing about this shitty disease is meeting fantastic people like Andy and his wife Kate.  Lynn and I are proud to share our journey on this […]

TED talks DBS

I watched this TED talk today and thought it was worthwhile sharing.  Isn’t science just magnificent!!

Yesterday was a good day

Good Friday rolled round and we decided not to go away for Easter break. Which turned out to be a good move as the traffic yesterday was not great apparently, though it seems we missed dolphins playing in the Bay up at my mum’s beach house. So yesterday I finished painting the kids playhouse with […]

I got the power

I realise that it has been some time since I last wrote but I have been adjusting to life as a 39yo again, not a 39yo trapped in an 89yo body. The second stage of my DBS surgery was completed on 11 February this year. I only had a small patch of hair removed from […]



If any of you are on reddit, you will know what this title means.  So this was my recent contribution, with some pretty interesting feedback from people. At least I didn’t go down in a burning heap….good to hear stories from others around the world. And the more awareness there is out there the better […]


Parkinson's New Zealand has an amazing Field Officer service which provides education, information and helps people make informed decisions about living with Parkinson’s. I am proud to support their work.

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